Accepted Papers

    1. A HINT from Arithmetic: On Systematic Generalization of Perception, Syntax, and Semantics
    Qing Li; Siyuan Huang; Yining Hong; Yixin Zhu; Ying Nian Wu; Song-Chun Zhu[Paper][Poster][Video]
    2. Pairwise Relations Discriminator for Unsupervised Raven's Progressive Matrices
    Nicholas Quek; Duo Wang; Mateja Jamnik[Paper][Poster]
    3. Beyond the Tactic-State Automaton
    Daniel Selsam[Paper][Poster]
    4. TacticZero: Learning to Prove Theorems from Scratch with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Minchao Wu; Michael Norrish; Christian Walder; Amir Dezfouli[Paper][Poster]
    5. Measuring and Improving BERT's Mathematical Abilities by Predicting the Order of Reasoning
    Piotr Piękos; Henryk Michalewski; Mateusz Malinowski[Paper][Poster]
    6. Analyzing the Nuances of Transformers' Polynomial Simplification Abilitiess
    Vishesh Agarwal; Somak Aditya; Navin Goyal[Paper][Poster][Video]
    7. Investigating the Limitations of Transformers with Simple Arithmetic Tasks
    Rodrigo Nogueira; Jimmy Lin; Zhiying Jiang[Paper][Poster]
    8. Automated Conjecturing in QuickSpec
    Moa Johansson; Nicholas Smallbone[Paper][Poster]
    9. The Role of General Intelligence in Mathematical Reasoning
    Aviv Keren[Paper][Poster][Video]
    10. Distilling Wikipedia Mathematical Knowledge into Neural Network Models
    Joanne T Kim; Mikel Landajuela; Brenden K Petersen[Paper][Poster]
    11. Improving Exploration in Policy Gradient Search: Application to Symbolic Optimization
    Mikel Landajuela; Brenden K Petersen; Sookyung Kim; Claudio Santiago; Ruben Glatt; Nathan Mundhenk; Jacob Pettit; Daniel Faissol[Paper][Poster]
    12. Training a First-Order Theorem Prover from Synthetic Data
    Vlad Firoiu; Eser Aygün; Ankit Anand; Zafarali Ahmed; Xavier Glorot; Laurent Orseau; Doina Precup; Shibl Mourad[Paper][Poster]
    Hester Breman; Renee Hoekzema; Mikkel Johansen; Henrik Kragh Sørensen[Paper][Poster]
    14. LIME: Learning Inductive Bias for Primitives of Mathematical Reasoning
    Yuhuai Wu; Markus N Rabe; Wenda Li; Jimmy Ba; Roger B Grosse; Christian Szegedy[Paper][Poster]
    15. REFACTOR: Learning to Extract Theorems from Proofs
    Jin Peng Zhou; Yuhuai Wu; Qiyang Li; Roger B Grosse[Paper][Poster]
    16. Proof Artifact Co-training for Theorem Proving With Language Models
    Jesse M Han; Jason Rute; Yuhuai Wu; Edward Ayers; Stanislas Polu[Paper][Poster]
    17. Measuring Mathematical Problem Solving With the MATH Dataset
    Dan Hendrycks; Collin Burns; Saurav K Kadavath; Akul Arora; Steven Basart; Eric Tang; Dawn Song; Jacob Steinhardt[Paper][Poster]
    18. Pretrained Transformers as Universal Computation Engines
    Kevin Lu; Aditya Grover; Pieter Abbeel; Igor Mordatch[Paper][Poster]
    19. Measuring Coding Challenge Competence With APPS
    Dan Hendrycks; Steven Basart; Saurav K Kadavath; Mantas Mazeika; Akul Arora; Ethan Guo; Collin Burns; Samir Puranik; Horace He; Dawn Song; Jacob Steinhardt[Paper][Poster]
    20. Grokking: Generalization Beyond Overfitting on Small Algorithmic Datasets
    Harrison Edwards; Alethea Power; Yuri Burda; Igor Babuschkin; Vedant Misra[Paper][Poster]